Operating Systems

Typhoon supports Container Linux, Flatcar Linux and Fedora CoreOS (preview). These operating systems were chosen because they offer:

  • Minimalism and focus on clustered operation
  • Automated and atomic operating system upgrades
  • Declarative and immutable configuration
  • Optimization for containerized applications

Together, they diversify Typhoon to support a range of container technologies.

  • Container Linux: Gentoo core, rkt-fly, docker
  • Fedora CoreOS: rpm-ostree, podman, moby

Host Properties

Property Container Linux / Flatcar Linux Fedora CoreOS
Ignition system Ignition v2.x spec Ignition v3.x spec
Container Engine docker docker
storage driver overlay2 overlay2
logging driver json-file journald
cgroup driver cgroupfs (except Flatcar edge) systemd
Networking systemd-networkd NetworkManager
Username core core

Kubernetes Properties

Property Container Linux Fedora CoreOS
single-master all platforms all platforms
multi-master all platforms all platforms
control plane static pods static pods
kubelet image upstream hyperkube upstream hyperkube
control plane images upstream hyperkube upstream hyperkube
on-host etcd rkt-fly podman
on-host kubelet rkt-fly podman
CNI plugins calico or flannel calico or flannel
coordinated drain & OS update CLUO addon (planned)

Directory Locations

Typhoon conventional directories.

Kubelet setting Host location
cni-conf-dir /etc/kubernetes/cni/net.d
pod-manifest-path /etc/kubernetes/manifests
volume-plugin-dir /var/lib/kubelet/volumeplugins