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Operating Systems

Typhoon supports Fedora CoreOS and Flatcar Linux. These operating systems were chosen because they offer:

  • Minimalism and focus on clustered operation
  • Automated and atomic operating system upgrades
  • Declarative and immutable configuration
  • Optimization for containerized applications

Together, they diversify Typhoon to support a range of container technologies.

  • Fedora CoreOS: rpm-ostree, podman, moby
  • Flatcar Linux: Gentoo core, rkt-fly, docker

Host Properties

Property Flatcar Linux Fedora CoreOS
Kernel ~5.10.x ~5.12.x
systemd 247 248
Ignition system Ignition v2.x spec Ignition v3.x spec
Container Engine docker 19.3.15 docker 20.10.6
storage driver overlay2 (extfs) overlay2 (xfs)
logging driver json-file journald
cgroup driver cgroupfs (except Flatcar edge) systemd
Networking systemd-networkd NetworkManager
Username core core

Kubernetes Properties

Property Flatcar Linux Fedora CoreOS
single-master all platforms all platforms
multi-master all platforms all platforms
control plane static pods static pods
kubelet image kubelet image with upstream binary kubelet image with upstream binary
control plane images upstream images upstream images
on-host etcd docker podman
on-host kubelet docker podman
CNI plugins calico, cilium, flannel calico, cilium, flannel
coordinated drain & OS update FLUO addon fleetlock

Directory Locations

Typhoon conventional directories.

Kubelet setting Host location
cni-conf-dir /etc/cni/net.d
pod-manifest-path /etc/kubernetes/manifests
volume-plugin-dir /var/lib/kubelet/volumeplugins